Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Shift

When I first started blogging {many moons ago}, I did so for myself. 
I blogged anonymously and other than a small handful of sweet friends 
who I made online, no one read my blog but me. 
And I was fine with that. 

I blogged often- almost daily, and used it as a journal 
to process things happening in my life and to remember 
some of the happy/sad/crazy things that went on on a daily basis 
and how God was working in my life. 
My blog was authentic and real and almost like therapy for me. 
I loved it. 

Fast forward 8 years, three different blogs, a bunch of readers 
{many friends from my real life}, 
a new job that keeps me super busy, and I blog less. 
Way, way, way less.

Happy/sad/crazy things still happen,
 God still does amazing things in my life, 
and yet I don't write about them very often- 
worrying that perhaps my readers don't care or that 
someone from my real life 
won't like being mentioned in a blog post. 
I think about posts way too much instead of just writing about life. 
I write for others instead of for me. 
Most posts are of things I've created- which although fun,
 isn't really a journal of anything but posters. 
And that makes me kind of sad. 

Something happened recently that made me realize that I need to 
start really blogging again about my life. 
My real, honest, non photo-shopped sometimes fabulous 
& sometimes messy life. 
The good and the bad.  

I'm embarking on a journey {more on that soon} 
that I know will not be easy or fun or painless 
but that I know, without a shadow of a doubt that God will use in good ways- 
regardless of the fact it's going to be yucky- and it simply must be documented. 
I know that in the months ahead I will need both the therapy of writing 
as well as the ability to look back and see God's hand 
as I travel through what no doubt will be a scary time in my life. 

So, if you visit here for my free printables or light hearted stories, 
please know I will still post them. 
{Because I love those kind of posts- they make me happy.}
But please also know that I also plan to share some the amazing things
 God is doing in my life as he walks me through a difficult time. 
Because I'm gonna need them to hold on to when I'm scared. 
And I can't wait to look back on them when this trial is over 
and be reminded of how good and faithful and true God is. 

Because He is good.  Oh so very good.


  1. Praying for whatever is going on in your life. I love when bloggers are real. I love the printables too.

  2. May God give you strength on your journey

  3. God WILL sustain you. I am a new follower. I arrived here via Ann Voskamp's blog. Am looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  4. Not only because the writing will help you, but also sharing so your followers can help pray you through what's ahead is part of His plan in leading you to write again. We will definitely be here for you!

  5. Hugs, Shannon..<3 you my friend..

  6. Praying for you as you travel this road. You have brought joy to so many through your words and printables. We are more than willing to stand in the gap with you.

  7. Has it really just been 8 years? It seems a lot longer since a random weimiegirl ME followed link after link to find a random GP YOU! And then to realize we had a mutual friend in Hope! What a sweet surprise! :)

    I honestly can't remember the days before you became my friend. My confidante. My touchstone. The voice of reason in my head. The girl that could make me laugh until my sides hurt. The one I shop with via dressing room mirrors and phone pics. My friend, my sister.

    The Lord instrumented our friendship from the beginning - leading two random goofballs right into crossing paths. (Thank you God!!) And this journey (wild roller-coaster!) you are embarking upon is no accident - He is in control. I can do nothing but hold your hand (and bwing you fwowers), pray vigilantly, and love you through it.

    Once again, here I am wishing Texas and Kentucky could move a little closer to each other!!

    I love you friend.

  8. Has it really been 8, it sure doesn't seem like it. I too miss the days when I could pour out my heart and no worry. That is probably the main reason I stopped blogging. I was tired of editing my words and painting a pretty picture. I am so glad you are sharing your journey with all of us. We love you and want to know how to pray for you as you have done for us so many times over the years. Love you sweetie