Saturday, June 29, 2013

Verse Gifts

I keep thinking that at some point life will slow down enough so that I 
can start regularly blogging but somehow, that never seems to happen.  
I feel like I spend much of my time running around like a 
chicken with my head cut off- 
just treading water and doing the next thing! 
Busy is good though and I'm thankful for so many great things to do 
and so many amazing people in my life! 

I've made lots of verse printables lately as requests for friends or to give 
as gifts that I thought I would share in case you need a quick, easy gift idea!
I love giving the gift of God's words. 
It's such a great, personal gift- and if you print it out at Walgreens 
and find a cute, inexpensive frame- it's a budget friendly gift too! 
{FYI: Target, Hobby Lobby, and IKEA are my favorite places to find frames!}





To print your own:
  • click here
  • download each one and save it {JPG}
  • right click on it and choose print from the menu
  • choose your size and how many you'd like on each page
  • click print
You can find another set of scripture printables HERE
and a third set HERE

Click on Printables in the top right corner to see TONS more printables-
school, faith, and Sonic related!