Saturday, June 29, 2013

Verse Gifts

I keep thinking that at some point life will slow down enough so that I 
can start regularly blogging but somehow, that never seems to happen.  
I feel like I spend much of my time running around like a 
chicken with my head cut off- 
just treading water and doing the next thing! 
Busy is good though and I'm thankful for so many great things to do 
and so many amazing people in my life! 

I've made lots of verse printables lately as requests for friends or to give 
as gifts that I thought I would share in case you need a quick, easy gift idea!
I love giving the gift of God's words. 
It's such a great, personal gift- and if you print it out at Walgreens 
and find a cute, inexpensive frame- it's a budget friendly gift too! 
{FYI: Target, Hobby Lobby, and IKEA are my favorite places to find frames!}





To print your own:
  • click here
  • download each one and save it {JPG}
  • right click on it and choose print from the menu
  • choose your size and how many you'd like on each page
  • click print
You can find another set of scripture printables HERE
and a third set HERE

Click on Printables in the top right corner to see TONS more printables-
school, faith, and Sonic related! 


  1. Thank You! I needed to read of these Verses this morning. I love your Giving heart and that I can call you my Jesus-Sister.
    Hugs from MN. ~ Jo
    P.S. Have a wonder-full weekend. And, know that I will be saying some prayers for you. Don't know your needs, but I feel a need to Lift you to Him. <3

  2. Hi Shannon!

    I'm honestly not sure how I stumbled across this blog -- maybe it was Pinterest? Anyway, I'm so glad I did. I haven't been blogging long but yours is already one of my favorites to read. And, I absolutely love these printables. I think it's so awesome that Exodus 14:14 was the verse that was in my devotion this morning, I've been carrying it around with my all day and even wrote it on my hand...and then I saw it again here. Good stuff :)

    The Absolutely True Blog of an Almost Teacher

  3. LOVE these! Printing them off now. You are incredible!

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  5. Lazonya- I promise I didn't delete your comment. Crazy Blogger is showing I did but I didn't? Either way thank you for letting me know the link wasn't working. It should be okay now- please let me know if you have any other trouble printing these! Thank you!

  6. these are wonderful! thanks so much for sharing your gift- i specifically need these verses right now, and God led me right to you! : )

    1. You are so welcome Rachel! Don't you love how God does that? He always supplies just what we need! He is so good!

  7. Thank you Shannon. So grateful to find you! I was looking for some scripture printables and I love your chalk ones. I will add them to a post I am sending out in the morning and will link them back to you. If you're interested, you can see it here, amylkratzer{at}gmail{dot}com. I would also like to talk with you about a possible collaboration for an upcoming clothing capsule I've been working on. Fashion 4 Freedom to help rescue those sold into human trafficking. Let me know if you're interested. Much love, amy

  8. Hi there! This may be a silly question but do you print them on white paper? Seems that would use a whole lot of black ink.

    1. Not silly at all! I either print on white paper or send them to be printed at a photo shop like a snapshot.

  9. So love these... Going to hang them all over the house!

  10. What size do these print out?
    I'm trying to find scriptures that will fit in the clear glass ornaments to make my own tree ornaments.

    1. You can save them and print them any size you'd like!