Monday, February 25, 2013

RAOK Boomerang

A sweet reader wrote me recently {Hi Esther!} 
and said that she had an idea for a printable. 

She's a teacher and there had been some discord among the grade levels 
at her campus so she decided to start a RAOK Boomerang! 
{Her idea was to do it like the BOO many do at Halloween}

Here's how it works: Someone leaves something in your box and 
you pay it forward by leaving a treat in someone else's box. 
 In order to keep track of who has been RAOKed and to not repeat recipients, 
you tape a little note on your box that says, "I've been RAOKed".

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea and made 
her a little sign for them to print out and use! 

The possibilities with this one are ENDLESS! 
You could do this for co-workers, for neighbors, for friends, for family!

Download your own copy HERE and start your own RAOK Boomerang!
{And if you do it I would LOVE to hear about it!}