Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'd Rather Have Jesus

A super sweet reader named Rebecca wrote to me earlier
 this summer asking for me to make one of her favorite quotes
 from the fabulous Laura Story into a poster. 

Although I haven't read Laura Story's book yet {I plan to soon!}
{What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops}
I love her song "Blessings".

Sadly my list of posters to make has been so long
that it wasn't until this morning that I got to it.
I love this quote and reading it makes me even more anxious to read her book!
{Click on the image below or on the little arrow in the top right corner
of the big document to print your own copy!}

{You may notice I've put this poster in Google Docs instead of Scribd.
It seems lots of people are having issues downloading from Scribd and I'm spending LOTS of time emailing copies to Mac users so I thought I'd try an alternative to see if it works any better! }


  1. I love Laura's music but didn't know she had a book. I'm off to find it. Thank you for the beautiful quote.

  2. Thank you SO have Blessed me with this quote printable from the book "Laura's Story" the other commenter, yep, I NEED to find this book now! ♥