Thursday, August 2, 2012

All You Need is........

Anyone that has been around me for any length of time 
{even a very short period of time}
knows that I LOVE Sonic Diet Coke! 

Diet Coke is truly the fuel that keeps me running!
This time of year is so busy- especially with my new job-
 that I've been drinking ridiculous amounts of it. 

You know you have a problem with an addiction to Sonic Diet Coke 
when three separate friends bring you a Sonic drink over two days time! 
{plus you know you have super sweet friends!}

I made this fun new sign to put up in my office and thought I'd share it. 

My BFF  Dory loves coffee as much as I love Diet Coke so I made one for her too! 

So.....what's your MUST have addiction?