Friday, June 8, 2012

Parties and Surprises & Surgeries, OH MY!

This past week and a half have been so stinkin' busy! 
Here's a peek into just part of what's been going on through 
some Instagram photos from my phone! 

We held a retirement reception for my sweet friend Betty!
She's one of the most amazing, loving, wise women I've ever known 
and although I will miss her, I am so excited for her to
 begin this new stage of her life. 
I love her so!

Packed up my classroom and moved things to my new office.
Starting my new job the beginning of July and I'm super excited but 
it's always sad to leave a classroom. 

Mad and her sweet friend Meagan both turn 16 this week and they 
had a swim birthday party on the last day of school. 
Instead of presents they asked for donations of diapers
Love these sweet girls and their hearts! 

Mad has the very BEST grandparents EVER 
who bought her a new car last Friday. 
She hasn't been super excited about driving but this snazzy new car
 sure did seem to motivate her! 
{Her mama likes driving it too!}

Saturday we had a small surprise party for my sweet girl. 
It was so great to be able to get her whole family 
{me, Tony, her dad, her brothers, all three sets of grandparents} 
plus some close friends together. 
She had no idea and it was super fun to surprise her! 

At 5:45am Monday we were at the hospital for my 
husband's knee replacement surgery. 
This was him before getting his nerve block- feeling good and ready to go! 
He is one tough cookie!

I wish I had been able to snap a pic of Tony AFTER his nerve block but 
before he went into surgery because that was FUNNY! 
As he was being wheeled away to surgery- he threw his hands up and yelled
We all died laughing and of course he can't remember it. 
Madison drew a pic to hang in his hospital room that shows him
 in his snazzy purple gown and socks. 

My friends sure do know and understand my Sonic addiction. 
All four days that we were in the hospital I had Sonic delivery! 
I am blessed!

I spent lots of time in the hospital FREEZING 
and not sleeping as you can see by this pic.
I often entertained myself by sending pics of myself to my BFF Dory. 
Lovely pic huh?

My sweet friend Jamee's sister makes the cutest cookies so
 I had her make some with the logo for the Joint University that
 Tony was in for his knee replacement.  
The staff was amazing and it was fun to give them a little thank you treat! 

We are home now and although he has a long 
road of recovery ahead he's doing great!
And I am so ready for life to slow down a bit!