Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Did you know? He loves you so!

Another little treat I added to the gift baskets for the retreat this weekend 
were these super cute little frames. 

Our Michael's always has little frames like this in a
 variety of colors in their $1 bin.

I always have some on hand and have spray painted a ton of them
{after popping off the backs} in a variety of colors
for a variety of different uses. 
{little chalkboards, little pin cushions, little memo boards}

I was lucky enough to find these at Michael's the other day in black and white
 so I didn't even have to paint them- woo hoo!

I just created this little poster, printed it out wallet size at Walgreens, 
trimmed it to fit these super cute frames and they were ready to go! 
There's just something cute about something in a tiny frame- so cute!


  1. how beautiful! thank you so much!

  2. I'm the newest follower of your sweet blog!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  3. WOW!! I've been looking through your blog and I am greatly impressed...can't believe I haven't come across it before! I live in CA and teach parenting classes to poverty-level families and I feel like reading your blog was a gift from God today!! You see, I just got laid off due to budget cuts, and I am broken-hearted!! I LOVE the families I have worked with for the past 10+ years...your blog has opened my eyes!! Just because I am not working with them, doesn't mean I cannot connect with them. Actually, now that I am not a "district employee" I can talk to them about GOD...about hope, and grace!! I wish you lived close to me as I would love to be your friend! Thanks for being a smile in my morning...

    1. Oh Dana- thank YOU for writing this comment today! I am so sorry to hear that you got laid off but know that God has GREAT plans for you! Praying for God to show you exactly what those plans are! You blessed me more than you could possibly know with your sweet words- thank you again! <3

  4. Oh my word, I have just spent HOURS on your blog and LOVED every minute of it! I laughed, I cried (both at the same time here and there), I printed dozens of posters to use in my 4th grade classroom throughout the upcoming year (wasn't planning on rotating "Words of Wisdom" posters, but I am now!!!), and am inspired by your faith and RAOK. You are one awesome lady! I wish I had the pleasure of knowing you in real life. For now, I'll be checking in faithfully via your blog. Thank you so much for all you've shared! All the best to you!

    1. Thank you sweet Kim for your precious comment! You are so kind and I am so thankful for readers like you!