Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bible Blessings

My precious friend Betty is one of the most amazing ladies I've ever known- 
she is godly, so wise, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. 
She is an incredible teacher, friend, mother {and Gigi}and
 is such a fabulous example and role model to everyone in her life.
She is truly beautiful- inside and out! 

We became friends shortly after my mother died and
 although she's a little young to be my mother she definitely has helped
 to fill that mama role for me and I thank God daily for her. 

Betty recently retired from teaching and moved several hours away 
to her new lake house {I see lots of lake trips in my future!}. 
I'm so happy for her but will miss her SO!

As we prepared for her retirement party 
I began trying to think of a gift idea for her. 
What do you give someone who has made a huge difference
 in your life and in the lives of so many others? 

As I sat down at church one Sunday morning and 
opened my Bible, I had an idea. 

Here's a picture of a page in my Bible.

As you can see I write the date of a verse when I read it. 
I've been doing this for years and absolutely love looking back 
and seeing when I read a verse- 
and thinking about what was going on in my life during that time. 
It's like a history of my scripture reading and I love that! 

As I looked at my Bible I thought of how neat it would be to give
sweet Betty a new Bible to take with her- 
full of all of her friends favorite Bible verses. 

So I purchased a new Bible for her along with some pens and highlighters. 
At her retirement party I set out the Bible with a sign for everyone to find
and highlight their favorite verses and then write their name next to it. 

It was so neat to see what verses people highlighted as their favorites! 

I plan to do this at Madison's graduation party {just 2 years away- eek}
and let all those people who have impacted her life highlight 
their favorite verses and then send it to college with her. 
How great will it be to have godly wisdom and advice from those she loves?