Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Super List of Randomness

1. There are only 7 more days of school. 

2. Just downloaded this cool new app- FaceDialer
It allows you to make picture icons for those people you text or call often! 
It's so stinkin' cool! I now have a page full of my super cute family and friends! 

3. LOVE this video!

4. Just finished reading this book for my book club
and it was super interesting! Love that it is a true story!

Now we are reading this book
and it's also fabulous! I can't wait to finish it and watch the movie! 

5.  I am in charge of providing gift baskets for some ladies 
that will be attending a retreat this summer.  
This is a special retreat for ladies who suffered a horrible tragedy- 
each has lost a child. 
(You can find information on the retreat here:http://www.haven-of-hope.com/category/retreat/)   
The ministry, Haven of Hope, was started by a dear friend of mine, Susan, 
whose  two children and her father died in a horrible accident back in 2002.  
She has turned her tragedy into helping others who have lost children and 
this retreat is an amazing way that she ministers to them.  
I am in charge of creating gift baskets for each of the sweet ladies who attend 
and I have had so much fun coming up with ideas for them! 
I've asked for and received some amazing donations 
{which I'll share as the date gets closer}! People are so kind!
{And if you have an idea of a business or person who might like to 
donate for the baskets, please let me know!}

6. I had heard people talk about Downton Abbey and never really thought much of it because I didn't think I'd like it.  Well a few weeks ago I decided to watch an episode on Netflix and I was immediately hooked! It is fabulous- such great characters, witty dialogue, fabulous story lines, and beautiful scenery and clothing.
 If you've never seen it- you must check it out- it is fabulous!!


7. Have I mentioned that there are only SEVEN days of school left?

8. I've got a new job for next year and am SO excited about it!
I've been interviewing teachers for the past few weeks for a technology facilitator position on each campus in our district and today I had to tell those who didn't get the position at their campus. 
And y'all it was hard. Hard hard. 
Because I know these people wanted the position and many are my friends. 

9. I heard this song at Madison's dance recital on Sunday 
and I just love love love it! 
I'm not a big hip hop music fan but I love the chorus of this song! 

10. Got this fortune the other day at lunch and it cracked me up!
Agree or disagree?