Saturday, March 24, 2012

Randomness on a Saturday Morning

I'm sorry I've been such a blog slacker lately. 
My life is usually super busy but this past month has been uber CRAZY!

Let's the past month there have been:

  • Two out of town dance competition weekends {where the girls did GREAT!}
  • A job interview and a week of waiting to hear if I got the job {I DID!}
  • Spring Break {YAY!}
  • Testing 30 kindergarten students for the gifted and talented program
    Testing for 5 years old is kind of like herding cats!}
  • Traveling to Houston for a Project Dance weekend
  • My dad's 67th birthday {Happy Birthday Daddy!}
  • Doing some more painting and more work in our kitchen
  • Our 10th anniversary {Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!}
  • Planning my Random acts of Kindness Birthday Party {can't wait!}
  • A week of preparing for drill team officer try outs
    {CRAZY detailed and long process}
  • A week of supporting, cheering on, and praying for my sweet daughter through the exhausting week of officer try outs {seriously one of the most grueling and demanding weeks you can imagine}
Last night was the end of the officer tryout week. 
And although my sweet daughter was not selected as an officer
 I could not be more proud of her if she had.  
Watching your child put their heart and soul into something- 
working as hard as they possibly can- and then not getting it? 
Oh my goodness. It was truly awful.  
Although she knows that God's plan is the best plan, 
her sweet little heart was broken last night. 

And my mama heart? 
It was broken watching her learn, for the very first time, 
that you can work ridiculously, amazingly hard- 
giving something your complete and absolute best- and it not be good enough.

As a mama it's our nature to protect and guard our babies hearts. 
And although I know eventually their hearts will in fact be broken 
over learning some of those hard life lessons, 
this first time was harder than I ever imagined.  

Much of my evening was spent holding my sweet crying girl 
and telling her how proud I was of her 
{and occasionally telling her I thought it sucked too}.  
As a mama, my job is often to say or do that right thing and that helpless feeling- 
that you can't do anything to make it better- is awful. 

In the midst of the sadness of the evening- 
there were some incredibly sweet blessings. 
Watching Madison's sweet friend Amber leave in the middle of a birthday party {they were at the Hunger Games movie} 
to come to our house and cry with Madison was precious. 
Seeing the texts and calls from her friends {and mine}checking on her and loving on her was so sweet. Watching her text the girls who made officer and telling them congratulations 
and how they were amazing dancers and that she was proud to be lead by such a wonderful group of girls- even doing so through her tears, was precious. 
Hearing of the dad of one of the other officer candidates {who made it} 
asking for them to recount the results because they so believed that 
Madison should have made it warmed our hearts.  

My sweet girl went to sleep late last night exhausted but no longer crying. 
While her friend was here there was laughter and eating and 
talk of going to a party today of one of the new officers. 
Life is tough, but this I know to be true- it goes on. 
God causes or allows everything to happen in our life. 
And His plans, when we understand them or not, are truly best!

Happy Saturday friends!