Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ponderings on a Saturday Morn

So this morning while spending a little lot ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest, 
I found several of my printables posted and linked to sites other than my own. 

I don't have time very often to check and see when people 
re-post my things but always love finding them.  
In the past when I've gone to a blog that re-posts one of my posters, 
I've always found a link back to one of my blogs- which I so appreciate. 
{FYI: you are always more than welcome to 
re-post my things with a link! In fact, I love it when you do!}

But recently I've found a few without a link.  
This morning I found a bunch that linked to a picture of one on a site
{and it was a blury bad pic} and so I left a comment. 

I didn't leave a comment to be rude-
 just to let them know that they could post a link to the original post 
so people could print the poster if they were interested.  

I immediately got a reply that wasn't exactly rude but wasn't very kind either. 
To be honest, it kind of hurt my feelings. 

And now I'm trying to figure out why. 

All of the things I make and post I do for free.  
I've had people ask me why I don't sell them on Etsy or even here on my site. 
My answer has always been that I love making them, 
love when I find free stuff, and love that people enjoy and use them- 
so I see no reason to.  
I don't watermark them because I kind 
of hate things that are watermarked.

But it does kind of hurt my feelings when people post them
 as if they were their own. 

So the questions I am pondering this morning are:
Is that wrong? 
Since I post them for free should I just not care? 
Am I just being overly sensitive or 
overly prideful this morning?
What do you think?