Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ponderings on a Saturday Morn

So this morning while spending a little lot ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest, 
I found several of my printables posted and linked to sites other than my own. 

I don't have time very often to check and see when people 
re-post my things but always love finding them.  
In the past when I've gone to a blog that re-posts one of my posters, 
I've always found a link back to one of my blogs- which I so appreciate. 
{FYI: you are always more than welcome to 
re-post my things with a link! In fact, I love it when you do!}

But recently I've found a few without a link.  
This morning I found a bunch that linked to a picture of one on a site
{and it was a blury bad pic} and so I left a comment. 

I didn't leave a comment to be rude-
 just to let them know that they could post a link to the original post 
so people could print the poster if they were interested.  

I immediately got a reply that wasn't exactly rude but wasn't very kind either. 
To be honest, it kind of hurt my feelings. 

And now I'm trying to figure out why. 

All of the things I make and post I do for free.  
I've had people ask me why I don't sell them on Etsy or even here on my site. 
My answer has always been that I love making them, 
love when I find free stuff, and love that people enjoy and use them- 
so I see no reason to.  
I don't watermark them because I kind 
of hate things that are watermarked.

But it does kind of hurt my feelings when people post them
 as if they were their own. 

So the questions I am pondering this morning are:
Is that wrong? 
Since I post them for free should I just not care? 
Am I just being overly sensitive or 
overly prideful this morning?
What do you think? 


  1. I think that when you work hard to be a very honest person, it's amazingly hurtful when others lie about you. If it was me, I think that's what I would be upset about. I love the things you create, but I would love them just as much if you added a signature or your blog name somewhere on them, kind of like the stuff from Teachers Pay Teachers. Yes, it's free, but the name is on it down in the corner. Try not to let this worry get you down!

  2. I love your work and would NEVER post it because I know that--while it might LOOK "easy" to create wordart--it takes a hunk of time and creative energy. Then there's that old "Golden Rule" thing. I'm sorry this happened, but if it helps, I'm learning the wisdom in "Give, and release from the result." Only give what you're comfortable releasing. (And you can also watermark your images so that everybody who isn't familiar with your style will recognize what's going on.) Thanks for all you do.

  3. I agree with the others. Your creations have blessed me many times, and would do so no less with your "signature" on them. I think most of the problem with Pinterest is that people do not really know how to use it. I always assumed when I pin something, that the original website automatically links to the picture. I still am not quite sure I am doing it right. That being said, there was no call for the person you contacted to be the way she was. Unfortunately, we all know that people can often be counted on to not be kind.
    Just know that all of us appreciate you so very much!

  4. Love all your posters! You deserve CREDIT for them. Your are 100% okay with wanting that.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. I would care. Absolutely. We always say "beg, borrow, steal" but you have to give credit where credit is due. You're the creator!! Come on! What is wrong with people??
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. I agree with Kristen... It's ok to 'borrow and steal' but the person doing so should give credit to the person they got it from... My feelings would be hurt too! It bothers me when ppl take credit for something I come up with!

  6. You own the copyright for the things you create. A gentle, or not so gentle reminder, should be enough for folks to get the idea. Stick up for yourself.

    1. I absolutely think you're right to feel the way you do. It's your word, heart and soul and you deserve credit.

      I have been blessed by your heart and by your free printables - thank you :)

  7. You are completely in the right. The person who did this was embarrassed to be caught out. They knew what they did was wrong and when caught out instead of being apologetic they got defensive and attacked. Not a nice person but in no way a reflection on you. I am sorry it happened to you. There are some not so pleasant people out there.

  8. 1000% agree with you. it's kind of a "golden rule" of blogging ... don't take other peoples pictures. or posters. or printables without a link.

  9. I am so sorry :( I would feel the same way. But maybe it is time to copyright them or watermark them so that it stops. I know you don't want to...sorry

  10. I love your posters! I agree with how you feel but don't let one bad seed get you upset. It isn't worth it!! Thanks for all the sharing that you do!!

  11. The others have said so well what I was thinking about that . . . and here's another point . . . your posters are so "signature" that I pretty much think, "ooooo, that's Shannon!" or ''wow, another Sweet Blessings production!" No one can steal that!!!

    And I'm sitting on that watermark fence with you, too. I once submitted a storybook idea to a publisher whom I trusted and had done some reviews for and she politely said thanks but no thanks, that's not the kind of story that fits what we publish . . . then a year later their next publication was pretty much the SAME story idea I'd submitted. . . . and get this - she sent it to me for my review! Feelings hurt, tears shed, anger expressed . . . . I'm so sorry this happened to you.

    Oh, and I'd totally buy your stuff if you put it on TpT!


  12. Nothing is nothing, as rude as claiming someone else's work as your own. Please continue to make your print ables. I use the "it's okay to not know it is not okay to not try" with one of my students. When his teacher asked about it I sent her back to your site. Several of us use it with him. I guess I should explain I am an art teacher, and he can be one of those kids that when I put the materials on the table he says "this is too hard" or "I can't". So I started using you sign, after explaining a few times now he sees it and gives a half grin and gets to work. Thank you!! That sign says what I had said but more simply.

  13. Only the Lord can tell you if you should just release your things with no marks and not worry about credit.. I love to credit things so people can discover the other things you have.. I think I would release the things, but it would be hard not to want people to know.. Only the Lord can enable us to be THAT unselfish!!LOL Just do what your heart says to. I know you have an incredibly giving heart, so if you want the credit, I believe it is a gift from the Lord for you..

  14. I'm sorry this happened to you. :( It's so hurtful to be deceived. I felt the same way when one of my Teachers Pay Teachers (paid) products was floating around the internet for free. Grr!

    I think you absolutely have the right to feel upset if people are stealing your stuff. I am just now starting to dabble in digital design and am finding it harder than I thought it would be, so I know you put lots of time and effort into your creations! For the record, I would still download/use your stuff if you put watermarks on them. I just love the designs and love that they're available; I don't want to take credit for them! :)

  15. With all the time and effort you put into those, and the happiness that comes from them, you should absolutely be credited. No question. You are so incredibly talented, and I'm thankful that you share that with others. If not for anything else, you should be credited so the person who is blessed by your posters can send a thanks your way. Here's one from me---- Thank you, Shannon! You have brightened my home.

  16. Seems like a normal reaction! I love your things and have printed and gifted many...which has led to sending ppl to your website. Thank you for all the cool stuff you share!

  17. I'm a new(lucky)visitor via pinterest and now you are on my favorites. It's tiresome and hopeless to control others. I think it's normal to wonder over this. Who gets the credit? Who should get the credit? You, ego, God? Sorry you had a bad experience. Sharing should feel awesome and I'm so glad to have come across your work. I think if you want to put stuff out there you have to let go and come what may. If you let go but then police it you'll certainly find disappointment. Good luck and thank you. Know that your little posters are filling up minds with positivity in all the homes they've spread to.

  18. Thank you for taking the time to do your printables. Your posters are a staple in my classroom and my kids love them! I appreciate you and your efforts!

  19. How sad that that happened. :( I will never understand people who take advantage like that, but unfortunately, it is all too common. I agree with others who said that if you don't want to charge, perhaps you should add a small logo/blog website to your posters. I absolutely LOVE your designs. I hope you keep the beautiful, creative posters coming!

    Sorry again. :(

  20. Really love your work and I found your blog by kind of back tracking through different boards on Pinterest.Like musicartwords I had assumed that repinning would include the original web site/artist but I'm going back to check I'm not an inadvertent offender. You are blessed with a great talent and thank you so much for sharing. I actually think a watermark could be an improvement as it took me several hours of searching to track down your blog!