Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Morning Randomness

This week has been super busy and a tad crazy! 

1. I had a most unfortunate and embarrassing  mortifying moment on Monday. 
I won't go into ugly details but it involved me running to 
the restroom VERY quickly before picking up a group of second graders,
some toilet paper that was not in the correct place,
and one of the cutest 2nd graders ever asking
"It is mouse day? Do you have a tail?"
I seriously almost died. 
And as I told my friend Betty the story while she was on the elliptical at the gym 
she laughed so hard I thought she was going to either a. fall off or b. pee in her pants. 
I am ridiculous sometimes. 
Seriously ridiculous.

2. We had a crazy storm on Tuesday morning complete with a tornado warning.  
While most {sane} people were inside seeking shelter, I was outside with
 three other crazies friends getting kids out of cars and safely in the building.  
It was one of the craziest things I've ever experienced. 
 I've seen lots of storms from inside,  but standing outside in one 
with 40-50mph winds and tree limbs flying around was something else!
 By the time it was over there was not a single dry spot on me- 
down to my bra and panties- and over 2 inches of water standing in my boots
 so I had to go home and shower and get ready all over again. 
{Post storm pic....sorry for the creepy smile!}
My sweet principal was out of town and 
rewarded me with a Sonic card yesterday. 
How sweet was that? 

3. Yesterday Tony brought something in from the mailbox 
that made me super 
Not a check.
Not a package.
Not a card. 
Not a wedding invitation.
It was....................
a jury summons! 
I was so happy! 
After being on a jury last year for a capital murder trial for over a week
and being sequestered unexpectedly for a weekend, 
I so did not expect to get called again for a very long time. 
It made my day! 

4. I took out this recipe the other night to make cookies for a project Madison had. 
Seeing it- in my mother's handwriting- made me tear up, as it always does. 
I love seeing things she wrote- to me they are so precious-
as are the ones I have written by my grandmother. 

I started thinking about how I'd like to use some of these 
in my kitchen but I can't quite figure out how. 
I thought about framing some in small frames
or about blowing them up large and framing them
or about hanging a bunch from wire inside an empty frame
or even about enlarging some and having them put on canvas
but I just can't decide. 
Any ideas oh creative friends of mine? 
{Seriously I'd love to hear them!}

It also reminded me that in this technology saturated world
we need to be sure to continue to hand write things. 
I want to leave recipes, cards, letters, and
 notes for my sweet daughter. 

5. I've posted a bunch of printables over on my other blog. 
Great reminders for us all! 


6. My oh so sweet and very wise friend Donna has a habit of cleaning her house on Thursday night so that she can enjoy the weekend without having those chores to do. 
While I love this idea in theory, putting in into practice is difficult. 
I'm usually so tired by Thursday night that the last thing 
I want to do is clean house....and so I don't. 
But last night I soldiered on and did it and I'm so happy! 
I'm going to go grocery shopping this afternoon and enjoy the weekend! 

Happy Friday friends!