Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dining Room Makeover

Our house was built in the late 90's where wallpaper was all the rage.  
Pretty much every bit of wall space had floral wallpaper. 
EVERY stinkin' bit!
Between the wallpaper and the gold fixtures-
 it was in need of a serious makeover! 

Here's what this room looked like last Tuesday night
Can you believe all that wallpaper? YIKES!

So for the past week our kitchen table and chairs have been in the garage, 
our china cabinet has been in our living room, 
our kitchen has been relatively unusable, 
and there has been a painter hanging out in our kitchen and dining room. 

For someone who likes things tidy and neat- 
it's been a  little lot crazy- 
but oh so worth it!  

A bunch of paint, some bead board, some new lights and 
here's how the same dining room looks tonight
{Sorry these pics aren't the best - I took them with my iPad. 
The walls are a light gray- but it's hard to tell in this pic.
I promise once we get everything done I'll post some more pics but I just had to share!}

Isn't that amazing? 
Now just wait till you see the kitchen cabinets!