Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Praying for Rain

I was going to write a silly little post about something funny 
that happened today at school but y'all I just couldn't.  
My heart is just too heavy. 

If you live in Texas you know that it's been a hot and dry year.  
Seriously, I have lived in Texas all of my 41 years 
and never can I remember it being so hot 
{65+ days over 100 degrees} and so ridiculously dry. 
It hasn't rained seriously since the beginning of the year.  
Everything is brown and dead. 

Because it's so hot and so dry here in Texas there have been fires sprouting up all over the state.   There are so many that if you walk outside, you smell smoke. 
This past weekend because of the tropical storm in the gulf it was super windy.  
Super hot + super dry + super windy = fires.  
Fires that spread quickly and can't be contained.  
There was one about a mile from our house on 
Sunday but luckily it was quickly contained.  
There is one about an hour away in Bastrop, Texas 
however that is still 0% contained and is massive- 
24 miles by 20 miles. 
It has burned down over 600 homes and killed at least 2 people.  
Firefighters from all over the the country 
have flooded the area to help. 

I have friends who have had to pack up and leave their homes- 
not knowing if they'd be there when they returned.   
I have friends of friends whose homes burned in just moments.  
I just can't imagine y'all.  
I know the things in our houses are just things 
but it's just so horrible.  
{A few pics of the fire are here and here.}

So would you please pray with me for some rain here in Texas 
and specifically for the Bastrop fire
For those fighting the fire and for all those 
who have lost so much because of it.  
Dear Lord, please have mercy on us!


  1. I have been praying for them too. It is heartbreaking. So many have lost their homes. We need to apeal to God to send rain to our dry land. I too have been broken reading facebook posts from friends in the path of these fires.

  2. Prayers & thoughts are with you and yours.

  3. My prayers are with them and will continue until there is an end to this.

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. We live up around Ft Worth and could see haze off to the south on the horizon this morning form the fires...and they aren't that close. Our prayers are with everyone else praying for rain.

  5. Thanks for posting...my sister and her family had to evacuate her neighborhood in Austin...they are lucky and were able to return today, but everyone has had a happy ending in her area...I am contiuing to pray for all!

  6. Agreed- I woke up at 245 this morn and couldn't go back to sleep. My heart is heavy. My thoughts are weary. And yet, I have hope. In Him who is able to do more than I can fathom-

    Love you-

  7. Praying for all of you in Texas. We have been having issues with fires too here in Oklahoma. So sad to watch people loose everything. And you are right it is just stuff, but it still is hard to deal with that loss.

  8. Our local TX grocery store - HEB - is taking up a collection for our friends in Bastrop. I'm wondering what our school children can do. Thanks, Shannon, for keeping us posted and reminding us to pray.