Monday, September 12, 2011

Observations from the Teacher on Morning Car Duty

I love morning car duty. 
Seriously I do. 
I love getting kids out of cars and telling them to have a great day. 
I truly would do it every day {I only do it every other week}  
because I think it's a great way to start the day. 

While doing morning duty I have observed a few interesting things.  

  • Lots of kids eat breakfast on the way to school and some people eat VERY interesting things. My favorite thus far was the little girl yesterday morning eating a bag of microwave popcorn. Dude, I like popcorn but....for breakfast?
  • LOTS of kids don't sit in booster seats and LOTS sit in the front seat that really shouldn't be.  As a mom who didn't let her daughter sit in the front seat until she was 13 I know I was a little tad bit lot overprotective but aren't they supposed to be
    in booster seats when they are little?
    Please put them in the back seat!
  • I love hearing the sweet things moms/dads and kids say as they are getting out of the car each morning. I hear lots of "Have a good day!" and "Learn something today!" and "Behave yourself!".  My favorite is a super cute little kindergarten girl whose mom always says "God bless you today!" and the little girl replies
     "God bless you today too mama!".
    So sweet!
  • Many people have SERIOUS trash in their cars. I mean we all have stuff in our car but some people have so much their kiddos can't even get out of the car without knocking trash out. Maybe we need a car hoarders TV show?
  • We get the kids out of the car each morning so the parents can stay in the driver seat and keep the line moving but every once in a while a parent will stop and get out. Tuesday I had a dad stop, get out, walk around the car {which was blocking the others from continuing}, pull out his pocketknife and cut off his daughters hanging fingernail. Random. Seriously random.And noticing these things makes me think....
I wonder what teachers have observed about me while I was dropping Madison off at school? Hmmm..................


  1. i have cleaned out the backseat of my car before going through the line for that very reason!!

  2. As a fellow car rider duty teacher, I can relate with all your observations! Last week, I a parent pulled up with TWO children in the front passenger seat! Aghhh!!



  3. I know what you mean about kids riding in the front seat. I see far too many kids riding in the front seat, riding without seat belts (never mind car/booster seats) and I saw one guy driving while an infant was lying across his lap!!

    The trash thing bugs me too. Since some of the people I see are in work vehicles, I can understand why they might have junk/trash in their vehicles. But I saw one person with so much trash in his passenger seat that there's no way he could open the door without it all falling out!

    People are weird.

  4. I also do car duty, except in the afternoon. It makes me consider how I speak to my own kids when I pick them up. Some parents are so happy to see their children, while others don't miss a beat in their conversation with someone on the cell phone except to yell "get in the car" and drive off before I can get the door shut good. AHHH!! It drives me crazy!

  5. Hi! I was just browsing around (as usual) on pinterest..and I found your blog.. LUV it.... YAY

  6. Love your post about what you see in the mornings! We saw someone eating sushi for breakfast. Maybe they do in the Japanese culture? But... I'm a cereal girl & ... sushi?

    Thank you for helping out at your kids school in the morning! :) I appreciate our helpers & I appreciate you!

  7. I love it! Everyone on my team hates everything, and I really do love car duty. I've been at my school enough that I know tons of kids getting out of cars, and I love seeing them first thing in the morning!