Monday, September 12, 2011

Observations from the Teacher on Morning Car Duty

I love morning car duty. 
Seriously I do. 
I love getting kids out of cars and telling them to have a great day. 
I truly would do it every day {I only do it every other week}  
because I think it's a great way to start the day. 

While doing morning duty I have observed a few interesting things.  

  • Lots of kids eat breakfast on the way to school and some people eat VERY interesting things. My favorite thus far was the little girl yesterday morning eating a bag of microwave popcorn. Dude, I like popcorn but....for breakfast?
  • LOTS of kids don't sit in booster seats and LOTS sit in the front seat that really shouldn't be.  As a mom who didn't let her daughter sit in the front seat until she was 13 I know I was a little tad bit lot overprotective but aren't they supposed to be
    in booster seats when they are little?
    Please put them in the back seat!
  • I love hearing the sweet things moms/dads and kids say as they are getting out of the car each morning. I hear lots of "Have a good day!" and "Learn something today!" and "Behave yourself!".  My favorite is a super cute little kindergarten girl whose mom always says "God bless you today!" and the little girl replies
     "God bless you today too mama!".
    So sweet!
  • Many people have SERIOUS trash in their cars. I mean we all have stuff in our car but some people have so much their kiddos can't even get out of the car without knocking trash out. Maybe we need a car hoarders TV show?
  • We get the kids out of the car each morning so the parents can stay in the driver seat and keep the line moving but every once in a while a parent will stop and get out. Tuesday I had a dad stop, get out, walk around the car {which was blocking the others from continuing}, pull out his pocketknife and cut off his daughters hanging fingernail. Random. Seriously random.And noticing these things makes me think....
I wonder what teachers have observed about me while I was dropping Madison off at school? Hmmm..................