Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You are FABULOUS because....

The elementary school that I teach at turns 
50 this year and our theme is
 "50- Not a day over fabulous!"  

So I tweaked my You Rock Because...... 
printable from this post to fit our theme. 
{If you want to save this as a jpg to print- just right click on this image and choose Save As}

One day last week during staff development for teachers at my school, the principal, counselor, and I quietly left the training session and went to each teacher's classroom.  We placed a framed copy of this printable at each door. My fabulous principal spent the night before writing on each frame one thing that she appreciates about each staff member.  The hope is that each teacher will use it to celebrate the successes of the students in their classroom.

The neatest thing is that in every classroom I have walked into since that day, 
I've seen a frame proudly displayed.  

And I love that. 

Because it was truly a simple gift to give the teachers but it so reminded me that each of us truly craves and values and needs to be reminded that we are fabulous in the eyes of others around us. 

So today...just know...you ARE fabulous! 
You Are Fabulous