Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first week of school is like childbirth because....

I posted this on Facebook the other night 
and the responses were awesome and so spot on! 

The first week of school is like childbirth because....... seems to last forever. is so challenging while you are in the middle of it.

but seems to have flown by after the fact. sneaks up on you! is best done with a partner.

...the preparation is extensive! The week is can barely remember it once it is over. Sometimes you cry....but most of the end of simply get to sit quietly with your sweet kiddos and love on them because that's all they want too. 

...lasts forever and is a pain in the.....

...there are never enough narcotics to get through all the pain. 

...the pain is excruciating but the results are priceless. plan and you plan but in the end somethings
 just happen that are out of your control!

...once you see sweet baby's face...automatic love! the end it's all worth it!

...once it's over you realize it's only the beginning.

It's so true- the first week of school is super 
exhausting and crazy but also super wonderful. 

My favorite comment this week came from 
one of my little gifted 1st graders 
who is SUPER adorable. 
As I helped him out of the car the other morning he said

"I noticed that your name is Mrs. Long 
and you are short. 
And I know a first grade teacher who is named 
Mrs. Short and she is long. 
Isn't that interesting?"
He cracks me up! What a fun 6 year old!

My least favorite comment came from 
a lady in the car rider line one afternoon.  
It was 106 degrees and it was miserable. 
I was walking down the super long line of cars 
writing kids names on cards for them to put 
in their front windows so that it would speed the line up. 
I had sweat rolling down every single part of my body.

I walked to her window smiled and said:
"Would you like for me to make a sign for your window?"
{Should not have asked. Big mistake!}

She said:
"No....I had one last year and it kept falling down
 and getting in my way. 
 It just didn't work for me."

I stood there staring at her. 
{and thinking "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

She continued:
"I know it makes things easier for y'all 
but it just doesn't work for me. Sorry!"
and she rolled up her window and drove on. 

I can't wait till next week when if she doesn't have a card, 
she will have to park her car, walk inside, 
and show her ID in order to pick up her child! 
Wonder how that will work for her? 

Happy weekend y'all! 


  1. oh my gosh, it drives me CRAZY the people who refuse to put their cards on their windshields! And it was in the 100s here all week; loop duty is AWFUL in this heat, isn't it?? Are you in TX, too?

    BTW, I used your Sonic Drinks/Starbucks/etc. printables as gifts for my team (printed as photos & framed), and now everyone in the school keeps asking where I got them--you rock!

  2. It is awful isn't it? Yes- I'm in College Station, Texas and I am ready for FALL!!!

    So glad your team liked them! That makes me happy! :)

  3. Oh Shannon - I didn't realize you were in College Station. I'm in Friendswood, just north of Galveston, and temps have been in the 100s for like 30 consecutive days here. Car ride duty in the morning isn't too bad, but the afternoon is sweltering! Your story CRACKED me up - thanks for the laugh.


  4. i've been thinking our school should do those hang tags!!! the teachers in the line have been miserable... maybe i'll stop at sonic this week and bring the "lucky" teacher in line some refreshment!

  5. Love that school/childbirth analogy... and you will most definitely have to share that gal's reaction if you see her next week.. she is not going to be one happy lady I am sure of that!

  6. Shannon....that would be the SWEETEST thing EVER! Tags make it go so much faster!!

  7. Love the 1st grader's comment! Priceless!

    My daughter's school gives out cardboard hang tags with just the assigned carpool #. Easy to put up, easy to take down, no names needed. Easy except for the Texas temperatures. Stay hydrated, my friend.

  8. Hi, Shannon! I'm a secret lurker since I found you just by clicking "next blog" one sleepless night. I'm having a hard time downloading your wonderful printables. Can you email me with your email? I can't find where to contact you (must be because of those sleepless nights). I'm at Thank you!