Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You ROCK because......

Earlier this year I posted an idea I saw
to use with your family. 

You just buy a frame,
 {Walmart or the Dollar Store or even spray paint a frame you already have}
print out the card in whatever size your frame is & place it in the frame. 
Add a thin dry erase with a cute ribbon and it's ready to go! 
You just write on the glass the reason you love someone
along with their name, and simply erase when you want to change it!

I started thinking that I'd like to use something like 
this in my classroom each day as a way to celebrate successes 
and came up with this! 
I printed it out at Walgreens and placed it in an 8 x 10 frame. 
I'll use it each day to celebrate a success 
of one of my students.

I thought some of you might like to use it for your kiddos at home so here it is! 
You Rock Because


  1. I found you through pinterest and I'm loving all of your printables!!! Perfect for my classroom. Now following your blog!

  2. How cute! You are going to be such a blessing to your kiddos this year (like every other year, I'm sure!) :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I teach 2nd grade, and the kiddos would LOVE that! I'm thinking instead of hanging it on the wall (no wall space anyway, let's not lie-haha), I will get one of those cheap black photo display thingees and put it on the desk of the "featured" student for the rest of the day. Thanks again!

  4. I totally adore your beautiful signs. What fun fonts and colorful creativity! Thanks for sharing.

    The Corner On Character

  5. Thank you for sharing such adorable printables!

  6. Thanks so much for all your fun printables! Do you leave the frame on their desk for them to see or have it on the wall?

  7. This...is...AWESOME!! Oh my goodness, you have sparked so much motivation in me right now! I like the idea of doing this with my Kinders, but I especially like the idea of doing this with staff! Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. LOVE this!! How did you print it at walgreens? Not quite sure how to do that..THANKS!

  9. Here's how....

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  10. I love your blog!! I'm an elementary teacher. I printed out the "Before you speak, think" poster for my classroom and I give these "You rock because..." notes to a few students every month. They always ask when I'm handing them out next. Thank you!