Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

So I'm fairly certain that if my sweet mother were still alive I would NOT be posting today's picture because she would kill strangle murder me for doing so
 but it's one I absolutely love!

This past summer I went through several boxes of old pictures my sister 
had brought me and this was a pic in one of those boxes. 
It's taken in our living room and judging by the furnishings and my mothers hair
 {it took a weekly trip to the hair dresser to have that cool do} 
it appears it was around 1974 or 1975 which means my
 mom and dad were still honeymooners.  

I can honestly say prior to this picture I had never seen my mother wearing 
anything resembling lingerie before so this picture surprised me!
Her face says what mine often does in pictures.....
Why are you taking my picture?
{or perhaps Please stop taking my picture!}.

It's hard to tell but the blob in the bottom right corner
 is a pile of laundry which makes me laugh.

Oh how I wish I knew the story behind this picture!
Maybe I'll ask my dad?
Or maybe I don't want to know? ;)