Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I REALLY Want for my Birthday Today is.......

I had so much fun on my birthday last year
{it seriously was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!}
 that my birthday wish this year is to complete one Random Act of Kindness for every year of my life so far {41}, as well as asking family, friends, Facebook friends, and fellow Twitter-ers to each perform one Random Act of Kindness and to let me know about it throughout the day via email or text message on my birthday- 
TODAY Tuesday, March 29th.
 (And if you could take a picture of it? Like icing on the cake!)

I honestly can not think of anything I'd like better 
as a gift than for other people to be blessed
and it truly would make my day so special if you'd join me. 

Getting texts and emails all day of the great things people
 are doing for others will be like getting little presents all day long. 

So....will you join me? 


Pretty please?

Pretty please with a Sonic drink on top?

Please leave a comment here with your good deed, email me, text me,
 send me a FB message or a tweet to let me know about your good deed for the day!

I'll share my 41 random acts later this week but thought I'd go ahead and show you the little tags I made to place on my random acts- in case you'd like to use them too! 

random acts cards


  1. Well,,, I really did this yesterday. It was snowing when I left work for lunch, so after I wiped off my car windows, I did the car beside me too because I knew they would be leaving for lunch too

  2. So, I don't know you and I'm a few days late, but this was just the kick in the pants that I have needed. My husband is deployed to Afghanistan for another couple of months and I a left at home with my 4 children, 7, 6, 4 & 2. Thank you for giving me something to think about and a reason to do something for someone else. I need to focus on somethng good and I am so thankful for the reminder to focus on other people. Hope you had an awesome birthday! Thanks!

  3. Found your blog via pinterest while looking for ideas for Random Acts of Kindness for my Birthday coming up..and while reading your blog, I get to this post, and notice your birthday!! Yep, same as mine.. although I'm a few years younger.... So if I didn't know before doing some research and getting a list of some ideas if I was actually going to go thru with this, I know that I NOW have to go thru with it, as it was meant to be for me to read your blog!! Thanks for inspiring me and I'm sure thousands of others, to pass that kindness on!!!!