Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

So during the trial I was a juror on, there was a statement 
by one of the witnesses that absolutely stunned me. 

I kept thinking about it and while we were deliberating, 
I mentioned it to the other jurors. 
 I assumed that they would all feel the same way I did about
 the comment, but many did not (which shocked me)
 and we spent a few minutes discussing it.
 I'm anxious to see what you all think. 

So to give you some background....
this comment was said as the witness was describing what he did while being robbed at gunpoint by three masked gunmen who were demanding that everyone give them their money {they had lots because it was a high stakes craps game} or they would be killed. 

After being forced to handover his money and take off his shoes 
to make sure he didn't have money in them- 
he was forced to lay facedown on the ground. 
At this point he placed $4,000 that he had hidden underneath the couch. 

He said:
"There was no way I was going to let them kill me
 AND steal all my money". 

What do you think about that statement? 
Would you give someone who was robbing you anything 
or would you try to hide your valuables? 


  1. Good grief. I would gladly hand over my $4k. And my car keys. And my house. And anything else - as long as no one would get hurt!

    P.S. - who carries that kind of money on them?!?!?

  2. I'm not sure what happened to my comment that I posted yesterday??

    Anyhow, I would give them anything they wanted as well. Worldy possessions are just that 'worldy'.

    Besides, that comment doesn't even make sense. If they killed him/her they wouldn't have the money either.

    I feel bad for people that are so messed up in life that they can't see the life in front of them. How very sad :(

  3. Well, he obviously thought there was a chance that he would live and if so he didn't want to be without his money. Maybe he was smarter than we give him credit for...he lived to be a witness.

  4. There is no accounting for human nature. I personally would value my life. God did not give us nine lives. Some people need to engage their brains. No amount of money is worth dying over..

  5. I agree with everyone else... no amount of money is worth dying over.