Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

Oh my goodness. 
How many Olan Mills photos did we take growing up? 
Countless it seems. 

I'm pretty sure that between the three of us 
{my sister, my mom, me}
in this picture we used several sets of hot rollers, many brushes, 
a curling iron or two, and LOTS of hair spray.  
We all have some serious big hair going on. 

Judging from our clothing and my hair
 {nice perm Shannon. and those bangs? what the heck?}
I believe this picture was taken in my sophomore year of college 
which would have been 1989 or 1990. 

Growing up people always said my sister and I looked alike
and now I constantly hear how much I look like my mother. 
What do you think?