Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Numbers About Me

1. $9.80= how much I spend at Sonic a week
 {unless I have a bad day or buy someone else a drink, then it's more}

2. $509.60= how much I spend at Sonic in a year based on #1. 
 {of course that is a super low estimate, it's probably closer to $700}

3. $629.00= how much the iPad I want costs
{oh how I want an iPad!}

4. $0= the amount I would have to pay for an iPad
 if I saved my Sonic drink money for a year

5. 4= the number of days I think I could go without Sonic 
before losing my mind
{maybe 3, ok 2, who am I kidding? 1}

6. $4,500,000= the amount our school district must cut in the next 2 years
{could be worse, depending upon the state budget}

7. 50%= the chance I have of getting to keep my current job 
for next yearbecause of $6
{cutting from 6 in my position to 3}

8. 9= the number }out of 11} of the last text messages 
from my husband that were only one word long
{usually OK}

9. 874.91= miles apart Dory and I live doorstep to doorstep
{aka= WAY too many}

10. 459= number of friends I have on Facebook

11. $170= the amount I would have to pay for an iPad if
 all my Facebook friends sent me $1 each
{which is approximately 122 Sonic drinks}
{can you tell I REALLY want an iPad?}

12. 30= the number of days till I'm going to see Wicked 
with my sweet friend Sherri. 
{can. not. wait.}

13. 43= the number of days till I am going to California 
with Madison and her drill team. 
{I've never been to California and I am so excited!}

Happy Thursday Y'all!