Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Words I Say WAY Too Often:
(in no particular order)

1. Sweet

2. Awesome

3. Fabulous

4. Seriously. or Seriously? (this should probably be #1 if they were in order)

5. Really?

6. Um (is um a word?)

7. Dude

8. Stink

9. What?

10. Absolutely

11. So.....

12. Well (usually followed by the word THEN)

13. Yay!


  1. sweet! i think my list would be the same as yours. seriously.

  2. Ha! The other day I was going through the Drive-through at Rosa's. I ordered a family meal and was told that the special was a gallon of tea for free and did I want Sweet or Unsweet? I immediately said "Sweet" (but pronounced it like Sah-weet) so the poor guy was confused. After a long pause the guy said "Did you say sweet?" and I realized that he didn't know if I was ordering sweet tea or just excited to get the tea for free...the answer is both! ;-)

  3. I say "Are you kidding me?" a lot!
    "Am I made out of money?" to the most inapprpriate people it would seem..

  4. I say fascinating way too much. Simply fascinating.