Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Today's question is brought to you by my sweet daughter Madison: 

If you could have an extra arm where 
would you put it on your body?

(she's sweet but she is definitely r.a.n.d.o.m.) 


  1. The back of my head:

    I could scratch those pesky itches on my back.
    I could wrap it around my neck and feel forever like I'm being hugged.
    I could fix my hair easily.
    I could poke people on the shoulder and pretend it wasn't me.
    And I wouldn't need special clothes made to accommodate my extra arm.


  2. On my shoulder, hand going to my back so I could always scratch my own back easily. I hate it when I can't reach that spot that drives me crazy... :-)

  3. Yeah, I am with the other gals - I would want it where I could most easily scratch my own back!

  4. I think around waist high, not sure which side.. where it could reach backwards or forwards. It always seems I need "just one more hand", when I'm doing things!!LOL Good question, Mads!

  5. I love her

    I think I would agree with the others, on my back. It would be especially hand when you are carrying something with someone else. I always seem to be the one that gets stuck walking backwards.