Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

We go to a large church where the average attendance is
 probably around 3,500 people in our Sunday morning service. 

And every Sunday morning,
 every SINGLE Sunday morning
something occurs at church that makes me absolutely ANGRY. 

It makes me so crazy that I want to stand up and yell at people-
and if you know me, it takes lots to make me angry. 

Can you guess what it is? 


  1. the college girls who wear their "i'm going to a club" dresses?

    OH OH OH ... people who get up and leave BEFORE church is over. makes me angry every week!

  2. erin hit mine on the head... and to her list i'll add walking in during baptism or special music.

  3. People who don't remove their hats?
    People who don't remove children when they are having meltdowns?
    People who wear too much cologne or perfume?

    Can you tell I am guessing? :-)

  4. is it when they refer to church as the building instead of church the people???? That drives me nuts when others do that without thinking.

  5. Walking into service 15-20 minutes late. It drives me insane. If you can get to work on time every day and church service starts at the same time every week, why can't you get there on time?

  6. Talking and/or texting during prayer/praise and worship.

  7. There is a woman in our church who goes to the bathroom every Sunday after communion. What is up with that?