Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Question #1 :
What are you more likely to do when you are upset? 

Give the silent treatment?

Question #2: 
Which do you wish those people around you would do when they are upset?


  1. #1. I used to be a big yeller but I am currently trying the be quiet and walk away approach. God and I have been talking and He thinks I should try this for a while. However, if you make me cry, then I get upset that I let you get to me and when I get composed I let loose.

    #2. I wish that they would be able to sit down and talk about things.

  2. 1)Walk away and be quiet.

    2)Same as Stacy and Tracie.

  3. 1) Usually results in the silent treatment, not intentionally... but because I have never been good at expressing myself in a confrontational situation - and if I'm upset about something, addressing it with the person means confronting them - even if it was just to "sit down and talk". Not sure if that makes sense.

    2) I really don't know. I guess I would prefer for them to talk it over with me.

  4. 1. I usually just walk away until I can calm myself enough to talk it out. I will say things I regret if I give whomever is on the receiving end a piece of my mind in the heat of the moment. Only when I am BEYOND upset do I cry - and then they better look out! This chick is outta control when she is so angry she cries!

    2. I would rather people tell me what I am doing to upset them. I hate the silent treatment - would rather be yelled at, actually.

  5. 1. If I'm in traffic and it's another driver, I yell. Probably not the safest thing to do what with road rage and all.

    2. I wish they would tell me what's bothering them. Maybe after a cooling-off walk first.

  6. Silent Treatment. Not as punishment, I just do not verbalize my anger.

    Shoe on the other foot...I wish my husband would tell me when he is upset, and tell me what he is upset about.

    I know...double standard.

  7. Me I am really quiet, and that means I am really mad.

    I wish that when people were mad at me they would talk to me, rather than yell at me. I walk away when yelled at.