Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Want to Buy a T-Shirt?

In January my sweet friend Dory and I are going on a trip together. 

But not just any trip, on a mission trip to Guatemala. 

Specifically to work in orphanages in Guatemala.
To hold babies in those orphanages. 

A trip that will no doubt be 
heart breaking
and one that will undoubtedly change us both forever. 

To help raise the money for our trips we are selling t-shirts.  

Cute black t-shirts (both v-neck and regular) with this saying on them:

If you'd like to buy one (or more :), 
click below for an order form or leave me a comment 
and I'll be happy to email you one! 


  1. Can you tell me if the shirt comes in a V neck? I am loving this idea! Hugs!

  2. Any chance you are going to Guatemala via Eagle's Nest? I have a friend from school who adopted a little boy from an orphanage in Guatemala before they stopped allowing U.S. adoptions. Here is her blog address:

    They have a very interesting story about the long international adoption process and life for their child at the orphanage as they waited for all the red tape to go through. Eagle's Nest sounds like a very nice place, as far as orphanages go.... if there is such a thing as a nice orphanage. :(

    I am proud of you and Dory for your willingness to do a mission like this. I am not sure I could handle it...

  3. can you send me a pic of the v-neck? Also, what about shipping to OK? Please email me at Thanks.