Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday 13

13 Things I've Done This Week While Visiting Dory 

1. Went antique shopping and bought some fun new treasures

2. Sanded doors

3. Painted- with a roller, with a brush, & with spray paint

4. Attached hinges & door handles & doors

5. Bought $5 worth of mustaches and took pictures of us wearing them
 in the bathroom of Mr. Lucky's clinic.

6. Painted some more

7. Gone to Sonic once a day
 (or sweet Mr. Lucky has gone for me while we worked)

8. Went shopping in paint covered clothes and without makeup

9. Painted some more

10. Taken pictures- mostly with this super fun ShakeIt app

11. Laughed so hard my tummy hurt and I almost peed in my pants. 
(or maybe I did) 

12. And painted some more

13.  Wished Dory and I lived closer and dreaded leaving Sat. morning. 
It seriously stinks that we live so stinkin' far apart and makes me sad.
So very sad.