Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Wish.....

-that people would think about others more than themselves
-that losing weight was as easy as gaining it (wouldn't that be cool?)
-that Dory lived next door (or even down the street)
-that people were less judgmental
-that Madison was home (she's at her Dad's and Granny's and I miss her)
-that I could be less selfish and more selfless
-that cookies had no calories
-that people would try to be the friend they want to have
-that I had about 12 more hours in each day so I could do everything I want to do for others
-that people would follow rules!!!
-that I could do more to comfort those I love who are struggling and hurting
-that I had enough time and energy and money to do all the projects I would like to do
-that I could talk to my mom one more time
-that I could go to Hawaii tomorrow
-that my dogs did not shed

And you?
What do you wish today?


  1. I wish
    -that I lived next door to you (I'd settle for down the street)
    -that I had a better filter before speaking
    -that friends would care enough to speak to me about something before that start speaking ABOUT me
    -that my RDH license was for every state instead of just this one
    -that I had all the answers
    -that my friend Angie and her husband had said NO to buying a motorcycle
    -that I can be the woman the Lord wants me to be
    -that I had more energy
    -that my best friend didn't live a million miles away
    -that I had a maid


  2. I wish what YOU wish sweet friend!

  3. *I wish I wasn't tired all the time
    *I wish I had money to spare
    *I wish I didn't have to work
    *I wish I could be a better person
    *I wish the very best for my girls
    *I wish I had a very best friend
    *I wish a world with no hurt or anger

  4. I wish

    ~that work life balance meant that
    ~that I could hear my son speak, just once
    ~that the year would slow down
    ~that the gray hairs would not come in so fast
    ~that I had better control over my diabetes
    ~that I saw my inlaws that weird?
    ~that our mini vacation to the coast would get here sooner
    ~that I could be forgiven for things said
    ~that we got back to church

  5. I wish...

    -I had a car that wasn't breaking down, falling apart and dying on me
    -that I could find a real job in a real office
    -that I had a paycheck
    -that I had normal brain chemistry
    -that I had enough money to cover my bills
    -that I had medical insurance
    -that I still lived in my little townhouse
    -that my dog would live forever
    -that my dog didn't shed :-)

  6. I wish:

    -I had been able to hug my granny one more time
    -I didn't have such an addictive personality
    -for God's will for my family
    -college tuition was easier to come by
    -there weren't bad buys, tho it gives my mister a job
    -I could handle a housefull of orphans :)