Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old Gold Gaudy Frame + Spray Paint = Cute New Tray

I recently went through a bunch of old pictures my sister had sent me.  
About half of the pictures were my mothers 
and the other half were my grandmothers. 

Many of my grandmothers pictures were still in old frames and 
so I spent some time removing the pictures
 from the frames to place them in picture boxes. 

Several pictures were in those gaudy old gold frames 
that all grandmothers seem to have owned back in the day. 

As I removed the pictures from those old frames, I started thinking.........
Hmm.....I bet these would be cute painted! 
And if I took off the stands, they would make cute trays!

So I got Tony to remove the stand from the back of each frame. 

Then we spray painted them with black glossy paint
 (we means it was my idea and I took them out to the garage where Tony actually painted them). 

I cleaned the glass in one and replaced the glass in another, 
cut a piece of scrapbook paper the same size and they were finished. 
I had two super cute little trays! 

I plan to use this smaller tray in Madison's bathroom for her jewelry! 

Such a fun and super easy project!
Beyond The Picket Fence