Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

For the next 48 hours would you rather...........

A. Give up your computer AND phone 
(land lines & cell) 


B. Not talk at ALL

Hard choice huh? 

Even though I love to talk, I'd say not talk at all. 
Because 2 days with no phone or internet- 
unless I was somewhere fabulous like a cruise, would be awful!


  1. I would totally rather give up my phone and computer!! I wish someone would MAKE me give up those things....I need a detox! :)

  2. Jamee,
    While I was in the shower I was thinking that SHOULD have been my answer too. Maybe I should take yours one day and you should take mine? :)

  3. I think if you lived closer, I could give up phone and Internet for 48 hours. But since it's the only way we connect across the miles, I'd hate to go that long without talking to you. :(

  4. Dory I TOTALLY agree. I don't think we've gone 48 without some sort of text or email or IM or call in years and years. Maybe not even 24 hours.

  5. i COULD go 48 hrs without computer or phone, but would rather not. :) i could definitely go 48 hrs without talking though.

  6. Sadly I would want to give up talking as I am definitely addicted to my computer and phone.

  7. In a perfect world, I would say no computer or phone..especially when we are on vacation. Sadly with hubs job that is never going to be possible.

  8. I would have to give up the computer & phone because anyone that knows me knows I can't go 10 minutes without talking. :)

  9. I would like to go without my phone and computer.

    (But this is coming from the crazy chick who still wishes all phones were rotary dials hanging on the kitchen wall...)


  10. I wish I could say I'd go without the phone and computer. I talk to *myself* too much to go without talking. Tough choice.

  11. Not talk at all. I really only talk to the dog. I could give up the phone too since I hate the thing. But the computer? I'm too addicted to it.

  12. I would give up my computer and phones in a heart beat.