Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I've been a blood donor since I was about 22 years old 
and I try to donate as often as I can. 

It's really a simple process and other than one little prick, 
it honestly doesn't hurt that much. 

I have great veins and it takes less than 30 minutes 
from the time I walk in the door until I'm totally done. 

Since I have O+ blood, the universal blood type, 
I try to give every two months and plan to go this week. 

What about you?
Do you know your blood type and have you ever been a blood donor?


  1. I used to give blood all of the time from high school through college and a few times after, but I have really gotten out of the habit. The school had a blood drive a few years ago and I was unable to give as I had just had surgery. Many times they have one in our little town, but it is over before I get home from work. I never minded giving and always thought I was helping a few people when I did. I really should start again. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I have not. I'm too afraid I would get woosy & pass out. I do, however, help supply the cookies for the people to eat when they are done. ;)

  3. I used to give, but being diabetic, I cannot. I am also A+. I had two or three transfusions when I had my surgery in 2007. Glad that there are people who can donate.

  4. I haven't given blood. I've tried to several times over the years but I'm always too anemic, or I'd been out of the country, or I'd just had surgery within the time frame that makes you unable to donate. I should try again.

  5. I am B+ and so is Garrett. Travis and Matt are both O+.

    I have donated in the past, but not lately.

    Good for you for donating!

  6. So glad you shared this with us! I had knee surgery back in 1987, and had to sign paperwork saying it would be OK to give me blood if needed, which scared me to death! That was when everyone was petrified of getting AIDS at the water fountain, much less through blood transfusions.

    After that, I started giving my B+ "Be Positive!" blood whenever there was a blood drive at my college or in my neighborhood. Several years ago I got on the bone marrow donor registry by giving plasma, and have been called back in to give plasma for critical cases a few times since.

    I haven't given lately, but I will put that back on my priority list. Thanks, Shannon. Love you!

  7. I am also O+, and I used to give regularly, but when I became a vegetarian my iron was too low to give blood.

    After 10 years of not eating meat, I started again in 2008 so I may try to give blood again. According to a radio commercial our blood bank is low, so I will put it on my list.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Good for you!! That is so important!My whole family gives regularly. We are ALL O negative. O- is actually the universal donor, O+ is the universal recipient.. You can take blood from anyone, I can give it to anyone.. Aren't we lucky?? lol

  9. Been a bleeder for 24yrs now, giving every 2 months. My workplace allows the Red Cross to come in during work hours and employees can give. So very easy and a great way to help others. Note to Becca: when I was diagnosed w/ diabetes I asked if that was a problem. Our local folk said no. It's just a little sweeter. :) Chris

  10. i'm A-
    i have given blood a few times, but rarely am able to because of low iron. both times i've been pregnant i've been a day away from getting a blood transfusion because of my iron levels. i do wish i could give blood all the time and would if i was able.

  11. Jean is right 0 Neg is the one everyone can get. You are lucky like me- we can get any blood because we are 0 Pos. The fact that you give is a wonderful gift. I have only been able to give once successfully and that was my second attempt in high school. The first time the bag didn't fill full and I turn whiter than my white T shirt and I missed at least one class if not 2 recovering. The second time was better. Then after college Matt and I went to London just after the lingering of Mad Cow disease. We wanted to donate at a blood drive and realized that if it was 3 months later we could give because it would have been a year or two after we had left the country. Well we went over seas 2 more time within 3 years so that was out. Right before we moved to Manhattan, KS we were all set to give blood and the workers were just getting ready to stick both of us and the tornado sirens went off.....we still haven't made an appt to give again.....maybe after the baby is born we will try again :)