Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

This is the last week of school here in College Station
so summer is literally just around the corner.
Woo stinkin' hoo!!

I truly LOVE my job but am looking forward to a little break. 

There are LOTS of things on my summer list 
(including teaching lots of workshops and classes and visiting my BFF Dory :)
but here are the first few things that I plan to do 
during the first week of summer vacation 
while Madison is visiting her aunt:

1. Clean out the hall closet
2. Clean out my closet
(It is super duper scary!)
3. Clean out the fridge freezer and stand alone freezer
4. Clean out the linen closet
5. Read the 12 books I got at the library today
6. TRY to make myself read some more of Atlas Shrugged.
(So far, it's boring as can be!)

So what are some things on your summer list? 


  1. You're going to do ALL that the first week??? Good grief girl....that doesn't sound like a BREAK to me at all!!! Can't wait til you come here so I can teach you how to relax.

  2. Break, what break?

    On my list is:
    Plan next trip to Hawaii
    Take day trips
    Take long naps
    Play lots of Words With Friends

  3. -paint my bathroom cabinets
    -clear off the desk in our library (scary)
    -plant annual flowers
    -get a plumber in to fix a few problems

  4. Goodness, 12 books in one week? And clean out three closets?! Child, you need to relax- pace yourself :-)
    With a new house, my list is seemingly endless, but while Sam is off for the summer, I do hope to get a few major things done:
    1. Set up the guest/sewing room (just a stack of boxes right now)
    2. Find a chair & audio cabinet for the living room
    3. Replace the vanity & sink in the master bathroom
    4. Make curtains for the living room
    5. Get coverings on the two patio doors- vertical blinds for the family room & black-out curtains for the master bedroom
    6. Remove the mish-mash of minature roses in the front yard & plant geraniums

  5. Read while I am sitting at the pool while the boyz swim.

    Prepare my VBS PowerPoints for the whole week.

    Put together the trip to Women of Faith.


    Study more of the Bible studies I have on the shelf.

    I am sure I have many more things