Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

This picture of my sister and I makes me laugh.
It was taken in my parents bedroom. 

Look at that carpet. Snazzy huh?
 It was pukey green- was in all the bedrooms in our house
 and was about as thick as a piece of paper. 

Look at the snazzy 70's vacuum cleaner sitting behind us. 
How funny is it that my mom took a pic with the vacuum cleaner in it? 

My sister's shoes? COOL huh?
They look like they are tri-colored bowling shoes. 
Super cool!

Behind us was the sewing machine cabinet 
and a lovely shelf full of colored cardboard file boxes. 
So funny and so random. 

The expression on my face is great. 
I love my sister but that face says 
"I'm only smiling because I have to and 
the second you snap that pictures I am getting the heck away from her!"