Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I Do Not Like AT ALL
(in no particular order)

1. Dirty dishes in the sink
(or on the counter, or basically anywhere)

2. Dishonesty

(the smell, the taste, the juice......ewwww!)

4. Letting others down or feeling that I have

5. Dark Chocolate, Chocolate icing, and Chocolate ice cream

6. Rude people

7. Scary movies
(no blood, guts, or gore for me!)

8. Confrontation

9. Being anxious
(because it means I am not relying on God)

10. Dog hair on the floor, on my clothes, on the furniture-
 basically anywhere but on a dog!


  1. That last one would have you running screaming from my house. Long-haired dogs make for a lot of dog hair. But I love them enough to put up with it.

    Now tomatoes are another story...hate 'em.

  2. Ok well I have a dumb confession. I read this earlier this morning (musta been before coffee) and after reading about the dirty dishes on #1 - when I got to #2 I saw DISHonesty. I kept going, got to the end and thought "what the heck is DISH-onesty??" I don't get it.


    I just remembered to come back and look again and now I see - DIS-honesty.

    Duh. Color me blonde.

  3. I agree with you... 'cept for the chocolate and the pickles. :)