Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

These are two pics from the first day of school.  
Judging from the clothes and our sizes, 
I'm guessing this was in 1977-
so I was in 2nd grade and my sister was in 5th grade. 

The first picture was taken on the sidewalk
 in front of our house.  
I'm pretty sure my mom made our dresses
(so snazzy!)
 and that my lunch kit was a Holly Hobby. 
(I loved Holly Hobby- I even had a Holly Hobby bedspread!)

The second pic was taken in front of our friends Gina and Kelly's house.  

That is our snazzy green station wagon in the background. 
I have so many memories of riding in the back of that station wagon! 


  1. Great pix! The road & sidewalk in the first one look like they go on FOREVER. My uncle had a station wagon like that. Did it have seats in the back that faced each other? I always thought that was cool. Chris

  2. It did have seats in the back that faced each other! We spent many a road trip riding back there and holding up our HI signs. Do you remember those?

  3. I loved Holly Hobby. I had the lunch box and the sheets. :) What's weird is that I like to do paper crafts and we made this butterfly card. The colors remind me of HH for some reason. Here is a link to my friend's blog where she posted the card we made: The 2nd card down.

  4. What great pictures! And the trees must be so much bigger now!

  5. So fun! Cracks me up to see photos from then...we all had such awesome clothes! :)

  6. The 70's were cool, weren't they? :)
    I love your flashback pictures!

  7. I love the old photos. Such character.