Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I recently posted on Facebook the following status: 

I think there's almost nothing sexier than a man..... 

mopping my floor. 

I got many responses from that status- 
mostly women saying some sort of "Amen sister!"

And it made me think. 
Every person who commented mentioned how much they 
absolutely loved their spouse helping with household tasks. 

I know I certainly do. 
Especially when I haven't asked for that help. 
(since I absolutely suck at asking for help)

So my question today is......
From your spouse, would you rather have an actual gift
 or would you rather have them do some sort of act of service- 
without you asking for that help?


  1. Definatly, I would like an act of service without me asking that was followed through with, finished and done correctly.....:)

  2. Act of service for sure. I absolutely love that Tracie said "followed through with, finished and done correctly!" I believe that sums up my true wants! LOL

    ~Kimberly Mallett

  3. I am jumping into the same boat. An act of service. This past weekend my DH made brought me coffee just the way I like it. So very sweet. But a household chore is just beyond awesome!

  4. An act of service, though, if truth to tell, Mitch has already done things for me that go far beyond the call of husbandly duty. He does so many things for me without me asking, I am blessed.

  5. Well now, gifts are sweet and can be enjoyable... but I agree with everyone else. An act of service, especially one done spontaneously without having to be asked for AND completed is just absolutely the BEST.

  6. My husband is an "acts of service" kind of guy. It is completely his love language. He does whatever he can to make my life easier. 1/2 the parenting, 1/2 the household chores, 1/2 the errands, 1/2 the appointments, and ALL the laundry! :)

    Gifts are nice, but I don't go gaga over "stuff" much.