Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I saw a movie this weekend (Leap Year which was very cute!) where someone
asked a question that really made me think.

So I'm making that the question of the day today.

If your house were on fire and you only
had 60 seconds to get something to take with you,
what would you take?
(Let's assume all people and pets are safe- so you don't have to get them)


  1. A stack of CDs I scanned and saved all of our hard copies of pictures on. They are in a fire-proof box, so I guess I could even leave them. :)

  2. my external hard drive. it has our life in pictures from the last 4 years. about 30k pics so far.

  3. Our baby books, my daughter's keepsake box, the box of picture CDs and home videos, and the folder containing all our important documents. I'm working on getting them more organized, and need to put all the pics on flash drives (one to store in safety deposit box, and one to store with her godmother.)

  4. Our external hard drive and our laptops. Clean underwear..heehee!

  5. My purse and our laptops. All important original documents are in safety deposit box, so no need to go for the copies we maintain. Honestly, as long as the pups and D are safe, nothing else would really matter.

  6. Pictures and my favorite bibles (mine & my grandma's)

  7. We took Boo & her friends to that movie Friday night and I've been thinking about that alot! I'm thinking all the harcopy pictures yet to be put in a scrapbook and maybe the computer since that's were the rest of my pictures are.

  8. I'm with everyone else - pics, my laptop, and of course, my camera! I'd have to document the fire, you know.