Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it Cute?

Madison needed a flash drive for one of her classes.
I told her the other afternoon that I had one she could have.
Her only question to me was "Is it cute?".

 Is it cute?
I didn't know cute really mattered in terms of a flash drive. 
Sadly, it was not cute- it was plain and black.

 So this morning I decided to look for a CUTE flash drive-
thinking that there probably weren't many- and boy was I wrong. 

There are tons of super cute ones.

Here are some of my favorites:


(it even lights up)


  1. LOL.... too cute! Obviously someone out there at designs flash drives has teenage daughters.

  2. I got a really cute one in my stocking- called kooky usb drives :)

    I did notice that many of those were pink.....

    I liked the lego one best, and those octopi looked like pigs, fyi :)

  3. Someone has a lot of time on their hands, do you think, to come up with a usb drive to be cute..Imagine a grown man with something like that...just saying...

  4. And of course you would put the bird looking one first...just saying.... :)

  5. I had no idea there were choices! Goodness, I learn something new here all the time!

  6. I love the lego one! What a clever idea!

  7. Ahh! ... Do I get one? ( insert puppy dog face here)

    ~Madison :)

    P.s. I love u mommy ;)

  8. My favorite one is the pink penguin.