Thursday, December 3, 2009

Randomness on a Thursday Morning

1. Enough about Tiger Woods- please leave him and his wife alone. He obviously did something wrong- something I do not condone or approve of in any way, form or fashion. And I know he is a public figure and part of that means sharing your life- the good and the bad- with the world. But we really need to know every single sordid detail? I truly do not. As someone who was once in a marriage where infidelity occurred I can tell you that when other people find out- it is horrific and embarrassing and mortifying- and my experience was a regular person. I can not being to imagine how awful it would have it spread all over the TV, Internet, and paper. If Tiger and his wife have any chance of saving their marriage, everyone needs to give them the time and space to do it- and pray heavily for them. Okay....getting off my soapbox now.

2. I love love love this time of year and the colder weather is FABULOUS. I've always thought I would love to live where it was colder but I think I have changed my mind. My friend Debbie moved to Montana earlier this year and when I looked on my phone this morning and saw this was her current temp
I decided I was happy here in Texas. Negative degrees? I can't even begin to comprehend that. If it was that cold I would be a hermit who never went anywhere. A FAT cold hermit because I love all the cold weather food and would cook it all the time.

3. The Pumpkin Smash smoothie at Jamba Juice is AWESOME. It's like pumpkin pie in a cup. YUMMY!

4. Why can't you smell your own perfume? I wear it everyday and sometimes can't remember if I have put it on and have to smell my own wrist. Sometimes I can't smell it but when I ask Tony or Maddie they can. Why is that?

5. I'm starting another blog- one where I can post sites and resources for the teachers at my school and I need a name for it. I posted my plea for help on Facebook yesterday and got tons of responses- but still can't decide on one. I got some input from teachers who said that having the word tech in the title might scare some teachers off so I'm trying to stay away from it. I want it to be something people can remember and something cute (of course). So I've been trying to think of something more general. Maybe with one (or more) of these words: seriously (I actually thought of just calling it this since I say it all the time. seriously.), nerd, geek, dork, (Madison thinks I am all those things for starting a blog about technology stuff :), random (because I am), or Long (since it's my last name). Any suggestions?

6. Is it a rule at your house that the first person who arrives home turns on the Christmas lights? It is at mine but for some reason no one but me seems to know this rule. I LOVE coming home to a lit up tree and house. LOVE it. A tree with the lights off is just plain old sad.

7. For some holiday fun check out the Reindeer Holiday Orchestra. So so so so fun! Be sure to turn on your sound!

8. Can't stop a list on an odd number (unless it's 5) because I'm a tad OCD... so I here's a funny video that you may have already seen but I hadn't. It's by the Improv Everywhere group that does fun pranks in New York and videotapes them. This one is a hoot!

Happy Thursday!