Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I've noticed a trend at church lately-
the trend of NOT bringing a Bible to church,
but using the Bible app on an iPhone or Blackberry.

I used to see one or two people doing this
but lately have noticed a rather large increase and see lots of people doing it.

Now as someone who has an iPhone
(and absolutely LOVES it)
I will admit that I do have a Bible app on my phone.
It's come in handy when trying to think of a certain verse
when talking to a friend or writing in a card to a friend.
I do not, however, use it at church.

To me, there is something special and
sacred about opening my Bible and reading it.
That I can go from one verse to another-
that I can turn those precious pages-
that I absolutely love.

Seeing people reading the Bible in church on their
phone bothers me a bit and I'm not sure why.
Am I being legalistic?
Does it really matter in what form someone
reads the Bible, as long as they are reading it?
I simply don't know.

So my question to you today is.........

Do you think it's odd to use your phone to read the Bible in church?
Do you?
Would you?
Does the idea bother you? Why or why not?


  1. Wow what a question this morning. I guess I can see it from both sides.

    I am with you in that I love opening my bible, seeing notes I have written in it, the ability to highlight special verses, etc.

    However, I also feel that any way that someone is getting God's word in their hands is also a good thing.

    I am not sure that I would ever read my Bible that way, especially since it would be too tempting to check my text messages, email, etc while I was at it.

  2. I forgot my Bible a couple of Wednesdays ago and I pulled out my iPhone to use the Bible on there. It felt weird. I even felt a little guilty for using it!

    As Stacy said, the temptation to look at other things on there was present and that's just not something you need in church.

    Also, what about the people around you? Do they know you're reading your Bible or do they think you're texting or playing a game? It could definitely be a stumbling block...

    I prefer my Bible, definitely!!

  3. YEah, How does anyone know what the people are reading on the iphone anyway?

    Most people don't bring their own Bibles at my church. We have lots of Bibles on the seats to read or look at. I prefer to just listen anyway so I wouldn't ever use an iphone in church.

    I think the whole using any kind of device out in public (especially earphones) is just another way of isolating yourself.

  4. Interesting question. The iphone doesn't work out in the sticks where I live so I have not noticed this trend at church. Although I have noticed it at events like Women of Faith, where holding a bible is hard in the stadium, and just thought Cool! I would probably use it in certain situations but I too like looking at my paper bible too much.

  5. I haven't noticed iphone use during the service at my church... it could be happening and I am just oblivious to it though.

    And I rarely take my own Bible to church. (I've always wondered if people notice that I come to church Bible-less.) I use the one under the seat. I do take my own Bible to Bible Study though, so I can write in it.


  6. It does seem a bit "irreverant", but I could see how it would be useful in a pinch; personally, I couldn't read anything from a screen that small for any length of time- my Bible is large-ish print for those "Senior" eyes :-)

  7. Electronic or paper bound Bible. As long as it is used, it should be fine no matter how you get there.

    And yes I do have an app for that! :-)

  8. Well, I do forget mine sometimes (like tonight), but I don't think I could use a bible app on my phone. I'd be afraid someone would think I was texting...