Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maggie Lee for Good

Back in the summer I blogged about my childhood friend, Jinny-
whose 12 year old daughter Maggie Lee was in a horrible bus accident on her way to church camp and sustained a traumatic brain injury.
Maggie Lee was a beautiful and vibrant young lady and
after being in ICU for several weeks she passed away on August 2, 2009.

October 29th would have been Maggie Lee's 13th birthday and in her honor and memory thousands of people have committed to doing an act of kindness on that date.

I am one of the over 13,000 people who have promised to do something special
in her memory on Oct. 29th.

If you would like to join me simply visit the website

and click on the Join button
or join the Maggie Lee for Good group on Facebook.

I'll be blogging soon about what I plan to do in Maggie Lee's honor,
will you please join me?


  1. I already signed up on the facebook group. I prayed and prayed for her and her family for a long time.

    They were actually advertising this event on our local christian radio station this week. I thought of you.

    Give us some ideas of what to do that day. And make sure you put up a reminder a day or two prior :)

    Can't wait to hear what you are planning.

  2. I'm on the FB group, too. Can't believe it is almost here, the 29th.

  3. I signed up on FB, too. We are giving to our local food bank in her memory. We thought that this is our small contribution to bettering the world in her name.

  4. I'm signed up on her FB group, as you already know. What a precious idea, of using her birthday for random acts of kindness.

  5. I don't know what to say. I cry every time I think about Jinny and family losing Maggie Lee.

    Then I cry when I think about all the love and faith and courage and strength that has poured out to this family through this tragedy.

    I am thrilled to see thousands of people commited to doing a good deed in memory of a 12 year old girl. And that brings tears to my eyes, too!

    I guess if we all cry together, its a good thing. A friend of mine once said, "Crying is the next best thing to laughing." I think I agree.