Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Tough

Being a woman is tough sometimes.

Super stinkin' tough.

We worry about being enough.
About living up to the expectations of those around us
and the ones we set for ourselves.
We worry about what people think about what we do,
about what we wear,
about what we say,
about how we look,
about how much we weigh,
about how we mother,
about how we keep our house,
about how we live our lives,
about how we live out our faith.
We worry about everything.

We worry that in comparison we will fall short.
We worry that people will not like us if they know the "real" us.

Holley over at (In)Courage wrote a fabulous post
about these struggles we women face.

Go read what she had to say here, I promise you will be blessed!


  1. You know, I have thought about this post all day. And, seriously... no matter how I slice it - I don't worry about these things much. Occasionally, yes. But daily? No. Not at all.

    Sometimes I get down on myself and think I'm not enough to measure up to others standards but...that feeling never lasts for long.

    I think I made peace with who I am a long time. And I know that I am a work in progress, He is not done with me yet. But, life is too short to waste it worrying about these things. I am far from perfect, but.... who cares? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter that my floors are not mopped enough or that my toilet bowls don't get cleaned as often as they should, or that my kitchen cabinet doors are STILL not painted.

    I don't really have a point here. Just rambling...

  2. Or...........maybe I'm just too blinded by laziness to see all my shortcomings properly. hehe

  3. I do worry about all those things as well. Thanks for the link to Holley Gerth, (In courage). What wonderful things she has to say.... Let us never forget, He made use just as He wants us to be, and we all have so much to offer.

  4. I don't think that God intended us to all be perfect. He gives us a chance to do our best every day. No my floors are not spotless, we left the kitchen a mess yesterday, but in the grand scheme or life, so what? As I am reminded so often, God doesn't make any mistakes, so it is time that I realize that and take it to heart!