Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confessions on a Wed. Morning

1.I was internally cranky all day long yesterday.
(Internal cranky means you think ugly things inside while smiling
and being polite on the outside so people don't see your crankiness)

2. I ate a piece of big old piece of cake while watching
the Biggest Loser on TV last night.
There is something seriously disturbed about that.

3. I secretly hoped that when my friend Debbie came to visit this past weekend
(she moved to Montana this past March)
that she would realize how much she missed Texas,
missed her friends, missed her home,
missed our church, missed ME that she would want to move back.
That's not very nice. :(

4. The candy from my training this past weekend that
I left in my office is almost totally gone.
And not because I threw it away or gave it away.

5. I am totally out of checks and it took me FOUR separate trips to our banks
website before I could figure out where the heck to click to order checks

Confession is good for the now it's your turn.


  1. 1. I {not so secretely} hoped BW and I would simply talk this morning and neither walk nor do our workbook.

    2. I ate 4 muffins yesterday afternoon.

    3. I am glad my babe is sick so that I can stay home and love on her. She is not acting super sick, just more cuddly and her fever is down....

    4. Sometimes I wish I didn't know better, so I could continue my old coping mechanisms.

    5. I prefer real hugs to barely there or sideways hugs.


  2. 1. I crave solitude. So much so that I convinced everyone to go out in the rain and run errands (except my daughter who is warm and dry at preschool) just to give me a few hours to myself. Now I really want to take a nap instead of doing all the things I should be doing with my quiet time.

    2. I've been hiding the halloween candy I bought, and secretly eating it.

    3. I haven't totally forgiven my brother because I (in my perfect life and infinite wisdom) do not think he was sincere in his apology.

    4. I cannot seem to get back on track in my conversations with adults. I start sentences I don't finish, ask questions and then interrupt the answer, say things that don't make sense, and miss may opportunities to be encouraging, positive, and helpful to others. And this is happening even when my 3-year-old is not around to distract me!!

  3. What great confessions. I have several I could make but.... sadly, no time right now - lunch hour is nearly over. Work beckons me back...

  4. 1. I need to let go of the anger I hold towards a particular family member. I put on the "polite face," too. I am still so upset and want to tell them how I REALLY feel but it would fracture our relationship further. In addition, it would hurt the people who would get hit in the crossfire and I surely do not want that.

    2. I need to cut back on my ice cream/Mexican food consumption!

    3. I take my husband, parents, children, brothers, and friends for granted - like they will always be here. But a life can end in the blink of an eye. :( I wish I would remember to treasure every moment with all of them.

  5. I ate off my husband's plate on Monday night. I was too pent up to eat a meal. He hates when I do that.

    I ate potato chips for an early morning snack yesterday.

    I am sitting in my hotel room in my grubbies.

    I am letting down my guard the last couple of days and let Mitch in. He now sees for real what I am going through with A.