Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pretty Clothepins


I've seen some altered clothespins around blogland before and
so I decided I would give them a try myself.
They were super easy, took very little time, and turned out super pretty!

  • clothespins
  • spray paint
  • scrapbook paper or old paper
    (I used a few pages of a hymnal for some of mine)
  • rubber cement or glue of some sort
  • a paper cutter or scissors
  • ribbon to match your scrapbook paper
  • a sanding block
So at the suggestion of my sweet husband I first clipped all of the clothespins to wire hangers then hung them in the garage and he spray painted them for me.
This worked great to easily paint both sides of the clothespins.

I then measured the front of one clothespin
and cut out scrapbook pieces that were the same size.
Next I glued a piece of paper to each clothespin using rubber cement.
I love rubber cement because you can easily reposition a piece of paper
if it does not go on correctly the first time. It's very forgiving!

After the glue dried I used a sanding block(sand paper would work also) to distress the edges of both the paper and the clothes pins. The sanding block is a little easier on your paper than sandpaper so it was perfect for this project.

Then I tied on the matching ribbon and voila- they were done!

I think they look super cute hanging on my shutter fireplace screen
and on my inspiration board above my craft table.


  1. Oh these did turn out great... I have been wanting to do some too!! LOVE all your pictures!

  2. I love those! How cute are they!!???!!!

  3. adorable! I want to make some!

  4. oh wow!!! I LOVE this! So many possibilities here. Thank you.

  5. adorable! especially w/the pages of the hymnal! these would be great to make with wrapping paper, too. then you could use them as a card or bow clippie on the gift. love it!

  6. these are so cute! i have plain ones in my laundry room, i need to make them this cute!!

    i host a goodwill party every wednesday, stop by and link up! :)

  7. Cute cute cute! You're so creative. :o)

    I love you, have a great day!

  8. Very cute! I did these for my daughter to use to hang all her baby clothes. The ribbon is a great idea!

  9. Those are so cute! The pretty ribbon really makes it wonderful!

  10. I LOVE the clothes pins. I use them all the time, now I need to cover them.

    I hope you will come on over for a visit.
    Tonight is the cut off for the Celebrating Home give-a-way.

  11. They turned out great! I did some myself a few weeks the idea from Kim at Twice Remembered I believe. Super job :o)

  12. LOVE IT!!! I've got these little clothes-pins holding up my kiddos art projects & homework show-offs... too cute to bling them out.

  13. Those are absolutely adorable, you are so talkented! Now can I say I want some? ;-)

  14. How in the world do you have time to do all the things you do?? I think you're ADHD, like my mom..LOL So cute!