Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Madison told me yesterday that some of her friends
(including Dory's sweet girls Luby and Beebo)
think it's odd that
I always have on makeup including lipstick.
I guess that kind of surprised me because lots of women
wear makeup so it doesn't seem that strange to me.

It's not like I look like this:
The more I thought about it the more I wondered about it.

Hence, today's question(s) of the day.
1. Do you wear makeup everyday?
2. Do you think it's strange that some people do wear it all the time?

I obviously do wear makeup all the time.
Every single day.
I am NEVER EVER in public without makeup-
unless it's 5am and I am at the gym.
(not that I have been there in a sweet forever)
If you were to see me out in public I would have my face on including lipstick.

I think that this stems from a something that a silly boy said to me in the 9th grade.

It was a tiny statement made by a boy I was "going with"
and I know he wasn't trying to be ugly
but it's a comment that has stuck with me for 25 years.
I was on the drill team and it was the morning
after our first football game of the season.
I was up way too late and early the next morning
the youth group from church kidnapped us and took us to breakfast.
Of course I did not look my best but neither did anyone else.
I walked over to my boyfriend Henry and
the first thing he said when he saw me was

"Man you sure do look different without makeup".

And I've been wearing it ever since.