Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

If someone were to look at your DVR and see the shows that you taped,
which ones do you think would surprise them?
In our house we have two DVR's.
Tony tapes things on one and I tape things on the other.
Although some of the things he tapes are obviously his -
like hunting shows and car racing- some are not quite so obvious.
If you were to look at the listing on those DVR's
you would most likely confuse some of the shows that he taped,
thinking they were mine instead.
He tapes So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars
while I tape 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline.
What about you?


  1. The TiVo is on "my" television at our house. It only has shows set to record that I want to see. It sounds selfish, but he boys do not care.

    Matt hardly ever watches TV, Garrett watches cartoons after school in his own room, and Trav watches his shows downstairs in the man cave.

    I currently have episodes of Malcolm in the Middle, LOST, Dateline NBC, Intervention, and Hoarders on my DVR. I have it set to start recording Mercy - a new medical drama series and Community - with Joel McHale with the start of the new fall lineup. :)


  2. I DVR Lost, Ice Road Truckers, Little People Big World, Oprah, among a few others. Geez that's a diverse mix isn't it?

  3. MadMen
    Desperate Housewives (when it starts)
    Brothers and Sisters (when it starts again)
    Iron Chef America
    Property Virgins
    Real Estate Intervention
    Paula Deen
    Big Brother (though this is almost over, thank goodness)

  4. well, IF we had a dvr... the whole family would dvr SYTYCD, Biggest Loser, and Amazing Race. and i would also dvr things like law and order, dateline, etc. and... if we had dishnetwork or something like that... i would also dvr medical shows and surgeries. i'm weird like that. :)

  5. Mine currently has every episode of LOST from last season, that I hope to watch again before it comes back in January (but it's not out on dvd yet). And a few random things other than that, mostly stuff the girls have recorded. But.... when the new line up comes on - it'll start filling up again!