Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chalkboard Paint Use #243


It's no secret that I LOVE chalkboard paint.

I've used it to paint plates, to paint frames, and even to paint the inside of my pantry door.

So when I saw these cute little jars at Michael's for only $1.00 each
(over by the wood and paint section- on the left side wall)

I knew that they would be perfect with a little bit of sprucing up using chalkboard paint.

So I brought them home and using a little blue painters tape-
taped off a small rectangle on the front of each one. Then I painted the little rectangles using a foam brush (a must when using chalkboard paint). It took many coats (probably 5 or 6) with lots of drying time in between to completely cover the area since it was on glass. When they dried and I pulled the tape off- a bit of paint had seeped under the tape. I just used a small exacto knife to scrape the extra paint off and they were good to go.

Once they dried I filled them with some items from my spice cabinet that I use frequently.

I went from the shelf in my cabinet looking like this
to this Aren't they cute?

And for only $4.00 they were a super simple and super easy project that I can change anytime!