Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's the Little Things- Treasures

I love love love looking through antique stores and yard sales to find old things to bring home with me. I love thinking about what the story behind each old treasures is and imagining ways to use them in our home. The items always have such character and I love that!

On my recent trip to visit my sweetest friend Dory , she and I managed to steal away for a bit and go visit some of her local antique stores. We had a ball looking through all the old things and I found a few to bring home with me.

My favorite purchase was a pair of wooden shutters. They were obviously very old and I loved thinking of how they must have looked on an old house once upon a time. I got them for a steal- $20 for the set of two pairs!

I brought them home with the intent to use them in my foyer. However, after I brought them home and set them up against the fireplace in our living room, I decided they were just the right size and height and would be a perfect for a fireplace screen.

I'm blessed that my sweet hubby is SUPER handy. So I asked him if he could make a frame for the shutters- so that they would cover the entire fireplace. Of course he did so - easily and quickly. After a few sprays of paint (I LOVE spray paint) he hinged the shutters on and fireplace screen was complete!

I absolutely love it and as an added bonus it keeps hot air from seeping into our house during the super stinkin' hot Texas summer!